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Michele A. Colucci, Esq. Founder & CEO, MyLawsuit.com

Inspired by the need to help people unable to afford or find a lawyer access justice, Michele Colucci founded MyLawsuit.com where consumers and small business can connect to lawyers who will handle their litigation for no upfront legal fees.

A lawyer, serial entrepreneur and Huffington Post blogger, Michele’s passion is to mentor and assist aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their passions into viable business models – and to demystify the process of creating, funding and building a business. She blogs on female entrepreneurship and is especially passionate about educating women in all stages of life about how to change careers , rejoin the work force or start and build a business.

She is an Mentor & Guest Lecturer at Stanford’s Engineering school in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, is an active member of female entrepreneurship groups like ASTIA and has raised over a million dollars in funding to date. In her past life, she’s written and produced films and reality shows, owned and operated a chain of political memorabilia stores, ran a political fundraising house in Washington, DC and worked as an Attorney. Michele is a single mother of three boys and lives in Woodside, California.