What is helps people who have been injured and are seeking legal representation to connect directly with lawyers who are willing to represent them on a contingency fee basis, with no upfront legal fees. All lawyers on agree to accept a percentage of what the client wins, only if they win. However, if you lose your case, there is no legal fee at all paid to the lawyer. In addition, no fee is paid for the services of unless you win. This arrangement is called a contingency fee.

Many people often struggle with finding an attorney. empowers them by providing information about the legal process, direct access to a number of lawyers across the country, and a supportive community of members who share your struggles and concerns.

By sending cases directly to lawyers, we eliminate referral fees sometimes paid to "middle men" (often 11-16% of legal fees) and the lawyer who actually does the work can keep, share or pass the savings on to the client. is also free for lawyers to use so the pool of potential lawyers is not limited to those who can pay advertising fees.

How does get paid?

Compensation for comes out of the plaintiff's recovery, if and only if the plaintiff’s case results in a settlement. Lawyers pay nothing to use The lawyer is only obligated to acknowledge that they have reviewed the plaintiff’s agreement to pay, prior to connecting with the client and formally accepting the case.

How Does compare to other lawyer search sites out there?

Websites that contain lawyer searches take the form of referral fees, matching sites, advertising based services and listing services. These services generally send people to lawyers who pay advertising fees, referral fees, membership fees, listing fees or a combination thereof. As such, these plaintiffs are generally limited to lawyers who pay to get their business.

Instead, welcomes all lawyers - especially those highly qualified practitioners that do not need to pay for business. It is only with an open marketplace, where no barriers to entry exist, that an individual truly can benefit from the broadest possible choices of representation available and connect to lawyers with narrowly defined, highly specialized practices which can otherwise be difficult to locate.

What types of cases does accept?

At this time,, exclusively takes contingency fee lawsuits. Contingency fee agreements are generally for cases where the plaintiff is seeking money damages for some sort of injury. These can include anything from complex commercial litigation to intellectual property, product liability, medical malpractice or pharma, and even car accidents. Depending on the particular type of case and the potential damages, lawyers may not always accept contingency fee case. Moreover, some legal claims have limits on how much a plaintiff can recover in damages, which may also cause a lawyer to be hesitant to accept a contingency fee case.

While most states permit contingency fee agreements, some states have limits on their use. However, advocates of contingency fee arrangements believe that they not only provide motivation for lawyers to obtain the best possible settlement for their client, but they provide access the justice system for those who do not have the money to pay for a lawyer.

Is it legal and ethical for lawyers to participate in

Yes, one of the leading ethics experts in the country, has authored a multi-state ethics opinion for According to his Opinion, and under the Rules of the American Bar Association,’s fee arrangement is consistent with the rules of professional conduct on lawyer advertising, unauthorized practice of law, referral fees and fee splitting throughout the United States.