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Shanin S | PA
Years in practice: 40

Pennsylvania, 1984

Law School

Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Law, J.D., 1984 and Cambridge University, LL.M., 1984

Malpractice Insurance
Languages spoken in the office
English, Spanish
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Recognition & Certifications
Special Recognitions & Awards:

Milton D. Rosenberg award given by PaTLA, currently Pa. Association for Justice.

Michael A. Musmanno Award conferred by the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers' Association

Important cases
Important cases:

Case Name: Ryan Briggs, a minor, et al v. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, CCP, Allegheny County, No. 01-21748. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $7,800,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: David W. Caruso, Jr., et al v. Neumann Medical Center, CCP, Philadelphia County, February 1998, No. 1060 (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $49,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 0

Case Name: Margot and Dan Polett, CCP., Philadelphia County, August 2008, No. 26371 (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $28,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 2

Case Name: Jeanette M. Blumer, Ind. And as Executrix of the Estate of Joseph Blumer, Dec’d. v. Ford Motor Co., CCP., Allegheny County, No. 06-007766. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $8,750,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Dolores Donch, Executrix of the Estate of Charles J. Donch, Jr. & Dolores Donch in her own right . University of Pennsylvania Health System, et al., CCP, Philadelphia County, March 1998, No. 1690. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $1,571,300.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 2

Case Name: Cheryl A. Ellison, as Guardian of Christopher Ellison and in her own right vs. United States of America, United States District Court, No. 09-cv-0331. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $17,500,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Jane Baker v. Judith Fulmer, CCP., Lehigh County, No. 200-C2918. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $2,900,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Hugh B. Gallagher, III & Joanne Gallagher, Guardians of the Estate of Hugh B. Gallagher, IV v. Temple University Hospital, CCP, Philadelphia, April 2001, No. 2643. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $20,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Romney Reese & David Lee, Individually and as Parents of Emmett Lee, a minor v. Koller, et al., CCP, Montgomery County, No. 03-17562. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $20,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 2

Case Name: Teresa A. McManamon, an incapacitated person, by her co-guardians James V. Greenhough and Denise Kurzmann, Individually v. Greater Hazelton Health Alliance, et al., CCP, Luzerne County, No. 7479-C2001. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $19,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Grady Jordan, a minor, et al v. Western Pennsylvania Hospital, et al., CCP, Allegheny County, No. 05-025160 (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $57,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Courtney Sparber, a minor, by her mother & Natural Guardian, Carmen Sparber v. Alfred E. DuPont Hospital for Children, USDC for the District of Delaware, No. 95-501-MMS. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $19,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Dianne Volutza, Administratrix of the Estate of Gregory S. Volutza, Dec’d. and Dianne Volutza, in her own right v. McBryan, et al., CCP, Berks County, No. 03-15721. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $4,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Ginny V. White and Jimmie D. White v. Ford Motor Co., USDC for District of Nevada, No. CV-N-95-00279-DWH(PHA). (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $153,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 2

Case Name: Natina El, parent and natural guardian of Nicolas Woolfolk, a minor v. Ingerman Affordable Housing, Inc., et al., CCP, Philadelphia County, February 2002, No. 1049. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $7,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Ginny V. White and Jimmie D. White v. Ford Motor Co., USDC for District of Nevada, No. CV-N-95-00279-DWH(PHA) (retrial of punitive damage claim) (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $52,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 2

Case Name: Robert and Mary Weightman, as parents and natural guardians of Destine Weightman, a minor, and in their own right v. Park Lane East Apartments, et al., CCP, Philadelphia County, December 1993, No. 2761. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $24,000,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1

Case Name: Keith D. Wandel, by his attorney in fact Mary E. Wandel and Mary E. Wandel v. Bell Sports, Inc., CCP, Luzerne County, No. 5349-CV-1994. (verdict)

Amount Recovered: $6,800,000.000

Number of Plaintiffs: 1


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Leading Product Liability Lawyers

Hearing Committee on the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pa. 1989-1994

Chairman of the Hearing Committee on the Disciplinary Board 1994-1995

Case Categories
• Automotive • Product Liability • Premises Liability
• Other Torts • Whistleblower • Toxic Torts
• Disaster Law • Automotive (Transportation) • Pharma Law
• Hospital Error • Medical Malpractice • Product Liability (Product Liability)
• Legal Malpractice
Martindle Hubbell
Martindle Hubbell