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  • ~ Legal Malpractice- San Jose, CA & Plano, TX ~ Business Litigation - Naples, FL ($3,000,000+) ~ Defective Services Rendered- Austin, TX ($20,000+) ~ ULTRA VIRES Foreclosure - Dublin, CA ~ International Confiscation of Properties-California/Iran ($800,000,000) ~ Birth Control (Micro-Gestin) Case- Kyle, TX ~ Commercial Real Estate Partnership- Lake City, FL, Valdosta, GA & Houston, TX ($300,000-$1,000,000) ~ Medical Patent Infringement- Palo Alto, CA & Center Valley, PA ~ Copyright Infringement- San Francisco, CA ~ Commercial Litigation Breach & Reliance -Santa Rosa, CA ($20,000,000+) ~ Wrongful Termination and FMLA Violation Case- Bellevue, WA ~ Business Litigation and Partnership Dispute- San Jose, CA ($180,000+) ~ Sorority Hazing Case-Vacaville, CA ~ Consumer Protection- Los Angeles, CA (<$20,000) ~ Business Litigation, Theft and Extortion-Beacon, NY ~ Insurance and Mortgage Fraud-Staten Island, NY ~ Insurance and Mortgage Fraud-Staten Island, NY ~ Google Ad Sense Dispute with Google-Rockville, MD ($55,000+) ~ Judgment Collection & Attorney’s Fees-San Francisco, CA( $240+ combined) ~ Hospice Elder Abuse Case-Georgetown, OH ~ American with Disabilities Act against GSA – San Francisco, CA ~ Business Dispute with Google – Mountain View, CA ($250,000+) ~ DuPuy Hip Implant Case with toxic levels – Menlo Park, CA
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